Opus 51 Installed

Goulding and Wood installed Opus 51 in Trinity Episcopal Church in Mobile, Alabama. The crew spent most of January installing the mechanics and pipework. Tonal finishing took place in February. The church used the completed instrument for a diocesan event the first week of Lent.

2014 Indy POE tour

On Friday, June 13th, students from the Indianapolis Pipe Organ Encounter came to G&W for lunch and a tour of the shop. We were glad to show the next generation of organists some of what it takes to build an organ, and we were all impressed by their insightful and curious questions. Even though we are still in the early stages of our next opus, they could see our slider chests model in the office and then see the real chests under construction in the shop.

To end the tour, students were each given the chance to take an old wooden pipe from a set we are not going to reuse. Whether or not they were played on the bus ride to the next church remained out of our control...



Op. 51 Announced!

We start this Eastertide with the exciting news that Trinity Episcopal Church in Mobile, Alabama will soon be home to Op. 51. Hit by a devastating tornado on Christmas 2012, Trinity Church has been steadily rebuilding their historic sanctuary and has chosen Goulding & Wood to build a brand new, two-manual, 33-rank organ in the gallery. Shop construction has already begun, with installation slated for early 2015. We are all excited for the opportunity to design a new instrument for the vibrant ministry of this parish. Look for the specification and construction photos here in the coming months.

Op. 46 additions

A crew from Goulding & Wood was pleased to get out of the snow for a few days to install some preparations at Op. 46 in Germantown, TN. The organ now has its prepared Pedal 16-8 Posaune unit, a digital Walker system to drive the 32’ extensions in the pedal, and the structure to support a pedal slider chest in a future addition.

We had a wonderful time revisiting Op. 46 and hearing the new reed blend with the existing organ, and look forward to future trips to install more of the planned instrument. If you are driving through Memphis, stop in and hear it!

Posaune unloaded
The wooden Posaune resonators waiting for installation

Moving the Subbass
Moving the Subbass over 5” to leave more room for a new walkboard

New walkboard
Installing the rack pins for the 16’ Posaune resonators

Jerin the resonator king
Jerin the resonator king

new Posaune treble
The new reed (#13-44 on on the top level)

Finished 16
Looking up from the bottom of the 16’ octave

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our clients and friends!

The fall was busy with several projects, including:

-Releathering of all pouches and schwimmers for a Holtkamp/Steiner-Reck in Columbus, Indiana

-Brand-new mechanics, switching system, combination action and keyboards for a 1929 Wangerin in Indianapolis. This project has been neat for us to work on, both to fit new Solid State components into the old console shell and to visit the broadly-scaled Wangerin pipework. We also added a capped Oboe, replacing the synthetic “Oboe” on the original specification made from the Salicional and Bourdon at 2 2/3’ pitch.
Wangerin Diapason
The Wangerin 16’ Open Diapason, made of wood and racked horizontally in the chamber

Mike wiring Wangerin console
Wiring the new Solid State system in the old console shell

-Releathering the stop action pneumatics of a Holloway in Lebanon
-New static reservoir and Flauto Dolce for Tom Wood’s organ in Bloomington

In addition to finishing work on the Wangerin, we are now turning to some prepared work at
Opus 46 in Germantown. We are currently building and voicing the 44-note wooden Posaune pipes and chest for the Pedal division, as well as adding the digital 32’ stops. Gravitas will descend on Memphis very soon!

Summer Projects

Summer has been a busy time at the shop, where we are working our way through several big maintenance projects. These include:

-Cleaning Op. 14 after smoke damage to the interior of the church
-New chest mechanics and improved structure to a Marshall-Bennet in Aurora, IN
-New reservoirs and re-leathering projects at several Indiana churches
-Cleaning pipework and repairing wind lines in Wanamaker, IN

Our pipe washing trays have been in constant use all summer...


This fall we look forward to replacing the mechanics and console controls at a church just blocks from the shop. Nice to work in the neighborhood from time to time!

Lexington Dedication

Op. 50 is at home! After 2 months of onsite installation and tuning, Good Shepherd Episcopal in Lexington, KY is home to Op. 50. On Friday, June 21st Good Shepherd organist John Linker and his colleagues Schuyler Robinson and Owen Sammons shared a wonderful recital to dedicate the organ. The church was filled to the brim with people, and it was so rewarding to hear everyone singing together on the opening hymn “When In Our Music God is Glorified”. We look forward to many more recitals and services at Good Shepherd, and are honored to have built an organ for this community. Dedication

Antiphonal installation

The Op. 50 Antiphonal division is installed! The cases and pipes are at home in Lexington, a teasing presence of the rest of the instrument to come. (The control systems, blower, and console are still on their way.) We probably received the most celebratory welcome ever: a full procession with robed choir, bag piper and a liturgy blessing the organ.

The church took both live webcast video and still time-lapse photos of the installation, available here:

We’ll be back on May 6th to install half of the front organ (and pick up more bourbon…)

Open House for Op. 50

The Open House for Lexington was a huge success. We had around 300 people walk through our doors, including a bus from Good Shepherd, local AGO members, and Indy residents who were walking the “First Friday” Gallery openings here on Mass Ave. John Linker played the first official piece for everyone assembled, and everyone had a chance to try out the console and see the [unstained] casework. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Lexington Open House 1

Lexington Open House 2

March update

Is it spring yet? All of Indy is buzzing about something, whether it’s the NCAA basketball tournament or the new Indycar design. Our corner of downtown is working hard at assembling Op. 50 in the erecting room. Who would have ever thought we’d be tight for space in that huge room… The Antiphonal divisions are winded and playing and will soon come down to be stained. Meanwhile the main organ is being wired to the switching system in preparation for the open house (the Friday after Easter…is that Great Friday?), Bob, Rob, and Kurt are busy on the main casework, and the rest of us are working on winding, shade frames, and loading unit chests with their pouches and bottom boards.

Stop by and see the progress if you are passing through! Before long it will be at home in Lexington.

Lex on March 18 13