Old Centrum 030
The organ had been allowed to deteriorate for years and years

The remains of the old chest work

01_26 037
The facade was painted in many layers of ugly paint

OC  - 0144
All the pipes got a thorough washing. Before…

OC  - 0146
…and after

OC  - 0281
Lots of wood pipes to repair as well

OC  - 0356
Tyler, Rob, and Mark prepare to glue a new slider chest in the vacuum press

OC  - 0451
David regulating a principal in the voicing room

OC  - 0543
A new, proper swell box. The previous one had been improvised out of beaverboard.

OC  - 0557
Bob carving panels for the console.

OC  - 0654
The new white oak console

OC  - 0814
The facade framework in the erecting room, with the new Swell box behind it

OC  - 0887
One of these pipes is not like the other

OC  - 0913
Console carving detail

OC  - 0934
Toe stud wiring from behind

OC  - 1130
The pipes are ready to go!

OC  - 1155
Everything voicer Brandon Woods touches turns to gold

OC  - 1164
Lots of gold leaf

Open House with Bill and Carl Cook
David plays for donors Carl and Bill Cook at the shop open house


The finished console