I cannot tell you what a great pleasure it was to play your fine organ at Loyola University. The organ was beautifully conceived and constructed, and the voicing was outstanding! It was such a joy to sit down at your instrument and just have the program register itself so easily. The biggest problem I had was trying to decide what not to use, or which of five excellent possibilities was the best. On most organs, one is lucky to find one good solution and I never had this problem at Loyola even one time. I thought your instrument played the early music part of the program as beautifully as the 19th and 21st century repertoire.

My congratulations to every one of you for the superb work you did at Loyola--this organ is a real masterpiece--BRAVI TUTTI!

James David Christie
Chair and Professor of Organ Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, OH
Distinguished Artist in Residence, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA
Organist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston, MA

A year has passed since the installation of Opus 47 in Madonna della Strada Chapel and I would like to share with you how our university has been dramatically changed with the new organ. The instrument is a source of pride and delight among students, faculty, staff and community members. Every visitor to the chapel makes a conscientious effort to point out the instrument and comment on its glorious sound. Francis Cardinal George, our Archdiocesan Bishop, even commented on a recent visit to the chapel that he looked forward to singing with the organ’s glorious sound. Clearly, the instrument has made its mark in the city as people fill our chapel for monthly musical programs.
As I reflect on the year’s past successes and look forward to future ones with our new pipe organ, I cannot help but think of the wonderful road that lead us to this point. Your attentiveness and passion for organ building is clearly witnessed by every person in your shop. This is realized whenever one steps in to the instrument and sees the care and craftsmanship of the inner components-the meticulously organized wiring, the perfectly finished pipe chests, and the detailed finishes on the case and console. But most of all, the voicing of the instrument to fit our chapel is absolute perfection. Time and time again, visitors and organists from all over the city and country comment on the perfection of the voicing and how our instrument is perfectly fit to our room. Brandon Woods is a treasure and I am grateful for his contribution to the success of this instrument.
To say that Loyola University is grateful would be an understatement. We are elated at the success of this instrument! For this we owe the whole Goulding and Wood shop our gratitude.

Steven Betancourt
Director of Liturgical Music
Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois


Integrity was what I found throughout the entire process of deciding on a stop list which incorporated the former with the present in a musical seamless manner: Sensitivity to worship; intelligence regarding repetoire; practicality and workability in the area of mechanics; beauty in the realm of what would be visible; a desire to provide this organist and all organists who would be privileged to play this organ a console – indeed an entire instrument – which could and would respond not only to the fingers and the feet but to the sounds that run through an organists mind even before the fingers touch the keys.  And that is what we have here.
120 ranks just in the Chancel divisions with yet another 20 ranks yet to be restored in the balcony divisions. Large, yes, by number of ranks but not the largest in the country. However, after playing this instrument and registering a rather comprehensive library I find that in so many ways this is indeed a “Magnum Opus” because of the musical as well as the emotional possibilities it sets before the organist as well as before the listener who in receiving its gift of beauty finds a blessing not only for the ears but a blessing for the whole being and spirit.
Thanks to the dedication of so many of the artisans who make up the Goulding and Wood organ Company. 

The Rev. Dr. J. Richard Szeremany
Director of Worship, Music and the Arts
East Liberty Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


In 1999, Second Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, VA, began considering the possibility of purchasing a new organ to replace the Moeller which had held the congregation in good stead since 1952.  Soon after, a study committee was formed and eventually visited fourteen church organ installations, met with the representatives of four organ builders, traveled over three thousand miles, all in addition to holding monthly meetings to discuss and evaluate its findings. It was unanimously decided that we would choose Goulding & Wood to build our instrument.  We are most happy that we did!
The project more than met all of our expectations and has given us an instrument that will inspire future generations.  It is a state-of-the-art musical marvel. I can’t recommend the company nor the staff highly enough.

Marianne M. Sandborg
Second Presbyterian Church, Roanoke, Virginia


As Organist of Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, I wholeheartedly endorse the Goulding & Wood Organ Company.  The pipe organ they built for us and installed in 2003 has fulfilled all our hopes for such an instrument.  It has served us capably leading hymn singing, accompanying choirs and soloists, as well as instrumentalists.  It has also been featured several times in solo organ recitals.  The voices are beautiful, and the craftsmanship without fault.  We are thrilled with its versatility, and with its dependability.  Since installation very little has needed adjusting or fixing.  Finally, we found the personnel of the company to be helpful, knowledgeable, and dependable.  Through the entire process we formed a lasting friendship.

Annette Albrecht
Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas


We talked to a over a dozen builders in the USA and abroad, had proposals from most of these, visited dozens of organs in 11 states and planned, schemed and dreamed for months.  One formative experience occurred when we visited Goulding & Wood’s opus 30 at Saint Meinrad Archabbey.  This is a superb instrument in a space ideal for grand organ music.  What impressed us, however, as much as the organ itself, was that the principals and personnel of Goulding & Wood were as much proud of how the organ contributes to the worship of the archabbey, within its centuries-old Benedictine practice, as they were of the instrument itself.  Their concern for the success of the instrument went beyond its success in the artistic sense and well beyond what might be considered best business practice.  This is what we were looking for.
We sincerely believe that we could not have done better; our experience with Goulding & Wood has been richly rewarding.  They have made for us a truly fine organ that will serve our church and the worship of God for generations to come.

Jim Watkins
Chair, Organ Selection Committee
Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas


It seems that the best possible statement for a church with a new organ would be, at the end of the day, to be able to use the old cliché, “If I had to do it over, I wouldn’t change a thing.”  Without question, that is the position in which we have found ourselves in relation to our wonderful new Goulding & Wood organ.   Thanks to their wonderful team, the worship life of our congregation has been greatly enhanced to the glory of God. 

Terry Price
Director of Music
Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, Dallas, Texas


Having been brought up with the English Cathedral sound, it was an absolute joy to play the new Goulding & Wood instrument at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church in Dallas.  The sounds were so warm, and every flute had a different character.  It was a most comfortable instrument to play, and it was extremely exciting to listen to.
I then went into the chambers and was absolutely amazed at the quality of work inside and at the beautiful craftsmanship displayed.  It was just amazing to see the attention to detail and the love and care that had clearly been lavished on the instrument.
Congratulations, Goulding & Wood!

Paul Leddington Wright, Coventry Cathedral, and
Composer/Arranger, Conductor for BBC Television’s “Songs of Praise”


The new Goulding and Wood organ at Christ Church adds greatly to ceremonies and other occasions, from its softest stops through a seamless crescendo to its trompette-en-chamade with appropriate full accompaniment.
Apart from leading hymn singing and playing accompaniments for the choir and other instruments, the organ, with its variety of tone colors, is versatile enough to play most organ literature effectively.
The organ will, for many years to come, foster the liturgical and musical worship traditions now firmly established at Christ Church.

Robert J. Powell
Organist and Choirmaster Emeritus
Chirst Church (Episcopal), Greenville, South Carolina


I very much enjoyed playing the new Goulding and Wood [Opus 35] pipe organ at Christ Church as part of the church's dedicatory series. In particular, the instrument's wide dynamic range; the variety and color of its reed stops; and its ability to effectively accompany instruments, was most rewarding.

Dr. Charles Boyd Tompkins
University Organist and Professor of Music
Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina


From a sensitive and responsive design process, through installation and service, and continuing through the ten satisfying and inspiring years of relationship to both firm and instrument, St. Luke's United Methodist Church could give no higher recommendation of Goulding and Wood Organ Builders. We have been blessed with one of our region's finest pipe organs, which exceeds our hopes for supporting services of worship, as well as wide-ranging musical performances and educational applications. The 80 rank, Op. 33, instrument has regularly demonstrated its fine craftsmanship, satisfying tonal range and versatile application, not only to our congregation but also to national and international guests, with consistent acclaim. The instrument and builder are truly 'world-class'.

Mark Squire
Director of Music Ministries
St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana


We are very pleased with the work of the Goulding and Wood organ builder company. They have provided us with an instrument that is carefully constructed to take advantage of the acoustics of our Archabbey Church. The voicing of the pipes has given us a very rich palette of tone colors to fit almost every type of organ music composed through the centuries, from Bach and the German tradition to the French and Italian schools of composition. The organ is used for several hours each and every day for both servies and practice by our organists.

We highly recommend their work.

Rev. Columba Kelly, OSB
Chant scholar and composer
Saint Meinrad Archabbey, Indiana


The Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta, Georgia, selected Goulding and Wood to build an organ for the Cathedral in 1990.  The instrument was installed in 1991 and we have been extremely pleased with the organ; tonally and mechanically.  The organ is in constant use for liturgies and concerts and has become the center of the Cathedral’s musical life.  Goulding and Wood’s workmanship and professional integrity make them highly respected organ builders and the Cathedral is fortunate to have selected them.

Timothy Wissler
Cathedral Organist
Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta, Georgia